Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Website, logo, letterheads.... I'm a busy girl

So I've spent literally the last 3 days redesigning my website and teaching myself about Photoshop slices and Dreamweaver. I am proud to say I beat the Dreamweaver beast into submission and produced a streamlined and brand spankin' new website. Check it outttttt

Somehow I also found time to create my logo (thank God for Daniel Powers typography crash course) which is now plastered on all of my mailer goodies and website.

I've been researching art reps as well, I am highly considering signing with one as my next career move. I'm meeting with two this weekend at the Career Fair, but I have quite a few on my radar thanks to some research and directories....and the expertise of Daniel.

I am in contact with a publisher creating a childrens Ebook based on a set of children's songs, and I am creating a character based on the song "Fisherman Jack". They are making their decisions on illustrators based on the character design, so I'll have that up within the week.

I've been doing watercolor studies like a madwoman too..... next post next post.

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