Tuesday, June 29, 2010

107 degrees makes it a little hard to paint....

IT IS SO HOT OUTSIDE. It's making daily tasks hard to do. I've been trying to get out to the island in the middle of the marsh by my home to paint, but i just cant seem to do it as of yet. So....eventually, i'll have some field paintings up here.

The DEPARTURE show was fabulous! The turnout was incredible! It was packed the entire time, and I definitely didn't buy enough wine for the event. One Nine was a wonderful gallery to have a show. Here's some photos from the show....

BackTooEarth project is done! Here's how the gift card image turned out. Suuuuppper cute.

I did a quick turnaround project for Worldwide Bag Media for an episode of Cananda's "Grocery Bag". My illustrated props will we featured on the episode 'Bon Appetite Yall'

Preliminary work on my children's book dummy coming soon.