Monday, October 18, 2010


I've gotten involved in a great Alice and Wonderland Collaboration book through some friends I've made on Behance. It is a diverse group of Illustrators and Designers who are all executing a portion of the story. I immediately jumped on the opportunity to draw something pink fat and hairy, thus choosing to illustrate the pig baby passage. It was a really fun image to work out. Muahaha.

The publishing date (Go Capitalized Publishing go!) is hopefully the beginning of December so we can get copies sold for the holidays. It will be sold at Barnes & Nobles and Amazon....... SO BUY ONE! All proceeds are going to charity. Plus you get to stare at that pink belly as much of you want. Hehe.                               

When I can tear myself away from watching the Postseason and College Football (Gators you're KILLING me), I'll be posting my next two self assigned illustrations.

Be back soon kiddos.