Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where's the fast forward button?

This is the most together I've ever been for finals, I'm really impressed with myself. My schedule for Portfolio has really made me time manage.... whadoyaknow, maybe I AM responsible?

The end of the quarter is so close I can taste it. I've been working my butt off on my children's book dummy, a modern version of the STEADFAST TIN SOLDIER. I'm super excited about it, it's developing really nicely. I've chosen to bring 3 spreads to full color, and the rest in finalized sketches, since I'm going to try to send it off to publishing houses and try to get signed on with someone. Here's some of my earlier character studies from the beginning of my process... these are 3 characters the soldier comes in contact with through his journey.
I'm done with the fish spread, and I'm 75% done with the other two, I'll be posting them soon, seeing that their due tomorrow and the full dummy is due tuesday. AHHHHHHH

I finished my Advertising piece for my portfolio class, and I created a new champagne label for the company Chateau Marie Antoinette. I may change the text? Thoughts?
I've worked on two projects for friends outside of schoolwork (looking back I'm not sure how I found time?) My friend Brittany from work and her boyfriend Joel are getting marrriiieeeeeddddd and they're having a beach wedding in Charleston. I friggin love weddings, how could I say no to helping her create a lovey-dovey graphic for the beach bag gift? It's simple and fun, just going to be a monoprint on a bag.... and now I just remembered that I forgot to email her yesterday....
I also made a new-age phish inspired poster for my friend Ashley's advertising design project. It's a competition for a tree planting organization, and if her group wins my poster will be up in NYC. Pretty cool. She wanted a psycadelic meets indie meets treehugger poster. This is what that meant to me.

I should probably email Brittany...

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