Monday, February 15, 2010

The neverending portfolioooo

SO. I'm in my second to last quarter here at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), and I'm currently in Senior Portfolio, Children's Book and a stupid art history class....which is so retarded I'm not even going to give it a name. I'm pumping out pieces for my portfolio currently in a scramble to have a consistent and strong one to take on the world with. Oh GOH, the real world.

Here's my two fully finished pieces I've made in class so far....

[Watercolor, photoshop] For the Humane society show coming up soon at the Savannah Mall Gallery. Bring your friends. there's going to be puppppiieeesss!

[Watercolor, photoshop] This editorial piece is based on a New York Times article about American eating habits and what we need to change. It describes how our eating habits have infiltrated other cultures, but the small-portion-eating French and the health conscious Japanese.
Makes me hungry everytime.

I'm slowly reworking my Hilton Head Piano Competition poster, so that NEEDS to be don soon. I'm also working up my other editorial piece, which is sitting on my desk unpainted. Yeah, I need to stop procrastinating......

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