Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello snow, I'm a floridian.

Ya know, for someone who is on the computer so much, you would think I would be a blogaholic. Buuuut I'm not. Shame on me. I've spent some time in Orlando for the holidays, and now my travels are taking me northward into the wintery wonderland of NYC. I even got a REAL coat. I mean business. I am rrrrreally excited for the Children's Book Writer and Illustrator Conference! I'm going to get to take classes with huge names in children's books as well as art directors for some major publishing houses! There is going to a really incredible showcase as well. Woohoo! If that's not a motivational tool I don't know what is! It's a fabulous opportunity.

My art teacher I had growing up contacted me as well as my now wonderfully talented graphic designer friend Delane Meadows (www.delanemeadows.com) to come do a quick sidewalk art session in Winter Park, FL recently. The city asked the Central FL Sidewalk Art Association to help out with a new version of a 'first thursday' (its actually second thursday...yeah i dont get it either) art party down near Park Avenue (near Dexters for those Orlandoians). I decided on a spot illustration portraying some fabulously snooty folks that sometimes inhabit the area. I received some really kind emails and feedback from the local business owners. Thanks everyone!

delane doing her thannng

I've been working on a fun greeting card series for a client Becky Best who has put together a draft for a great book, so this is our inexpensive marketing tool we've decided on. It is based on the positive side to women during chemo, and a quirky and comedic take on it. We're in the final art stage now so that's to come soon!

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